Schooled by his father, and raised in a vegan family, Chef HC brings a fresh perspective to the already successful business. Chef HC’s ability to broaden the offerings of their plant based Korean diet by adding a variety of ethnic tastes such as Mexican, Italian, and Middle Eastern has allowed HHI to reach and help more people than ever before. Chef HC has nine years of experience serving the residents of The Greater Chicago-land area. He earned his degree in Accounting at the University of Illinois and was the head restaurant chef at Amitabul, the family’s well-known establishment in the city.



Partner Gloria Athanis, a life-long health enthusiast and athlete, attributes her healthy being and that of her teenage son, to all she has learned Chef HC Choi and his father, Chef Dave Choi. Gloria, a 30 year media and marketing executive, has led a series of healthy life style programs that include seminars and demos with Master Vegan Chefs Dave and Chef HC Choi and New York Times best selling author Doctor T. Colin Campbell (THE CHINA STUDY). Gloria is passionate about teaching people the benefits of a healthy plant based diet and sharing all she knows about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Gloria was part of Dr. Mehmet Oz’s team when Dr. Oz’s Health Festival came live to Chicago for the first time.